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We have a small stock of new engine parts from old workshop inventory
and engine rebuilding information for the Hino engines used in heavy equipment and trucks that will be added to this website as time permits. If you don't see the parts or the information you are looking for you can send me a message at: EngineParts2@gmail.com . 

 Heavy Equipment Restoration Parts LLC
4730 118th Ave
Fennville Michigan 49408 USA 
​Phone: 269 673 1638

Email: EngineParts@HeavyEquipmentRestorationParts.com 
Alternate email: EngineParts2@gmail.com
Website: www.HeavyEquipmentRestorationParts.com 

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For Hino H07 H07C H07CT H07D H07DT H07E H07ET Engine Parts and Specifications go here: www.Hino-H07.com